My Experience With Essential Oils: GIVEAWAY

11:30 AM

Shocker, yes this was my first real experience with essential oils. As natural as I try to be how on earth is that possible? I think I was really overwhelmed by the entire thing, almost like it was chemistry and I had no idea what I would do with these oils and what they would do for me, but Melissa my wellness advocate couldn't have made it any easier for me. She sent me her most practical oils and a sweet little note with "recipes" Oil combinations she loves.

I have to be 100 % honest, I think I am hooked. I struggle with my neck going out on me often and I can't believe how well the "PastTense" oil roller works to help soothe my neck and headache. Even my husband Tim was surprised by this and now we walk around smelling like toothpaste all the time. (As Willow would say.) Seriously tho, my husband is a hard sell on anything. He thinks Tylenol is no match for his pain so this is a big deal. 

We re really enjoying our diffuser as well. Its so calming at night and during the day I enjoy the Energy Boost combination. It's perfect and just what I need. 

I have thoroughly tried every product I received and have enjoyed everything. If I could just get a little extra time in the day I might actually consider becoming a wellness advocate myself. Maybe once Indie is a little older. I really love my experience with them. Knowing my cleaner is non toxic and that I don't need to constantly be taking medications for headaches and allergies leaves me feeling very impressed.

I want to be clear that I am not paid to say this. My opinions are my own and I can't say it enough how blown away I am with Essential Oils. I have linked Melissa's site below if you have any questions or would like to place an order. 

I also left my must haves if you are wondering where to start as well as some of the lovely Oil Blends that Melissa has so kindly shared. 

Thank you Melissa for your generous gift. I think you knew what you were doing there because I am officially hooked! 

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