Reflecting...31 Years Later

1:54 PM

So today I am 31. As wonderful as my life has been thus far, I do believe the best is yet to come. The last 31 years have sent me down many paths. As I sit here and reflect I can see how all of my trials a tribulations have been crucial to shaping my character. You simply cannot grow and learn if life is all roses. I will admit life has been pretty easy on me. I have it very good and know I do but I do face struggles and deal with frustrations and feelings such as anxiety, worry, jealousy and anger. I am human after all. I am not worthy of the many blessings I have. Not a day goes by that I take any of it for granted. For a while I did. After I had Liv I allowed myself to get distracted and slide down the slippery slope of becoming a luke warm Christian. I felt empty, vein and in need of something but I didn't know what. Well, I did know what I was lacking and it was a real relationship with God. I knew that it would take dedication but I was lazy. I was too lazy to give my loving God the time of day. He gave me everything I have EVER wanted and yet I didn't have time for Him. I neglected Him so badly I would avoid the Christian music station because it made me feel guilty. I can't recall what it was exactly that made me wake up one day and decide I'm done being in control of my life but whatever hurt it was I am grateful for it. I committed most of my days to listening to sermons, books and worshipping God with the volume all the way up. Day by day I felt the walls come shattering down. Worshiping God when life is good is so easy but the real test is thanking God when times are hard. I struggled through some major changes and stayed true to my faith and commitment to God. I made a promise to Him that even when I feel lost I will thank Him because He is teaching me something. I have got to learn from the struggles in order to proceed and find the blessing in it. God rewards you for staying faithful. I thank Him for the bad days. Real blessings come when you praise God even on your darkest days. When you are feeling discouraged just know He is working everything in your favor. If you just trust Him a teeny tiny bit He will move mountains for you. God knew I needed to hit that bump in the road. Today I feel so fulfilled and content and it's not because of what I physically have. It's because of what I spiritually have. I wouldn't trade this closeness with God for anything. The direction He has taken me since committing myself to Him is more than I could have ever imagined. I was such a fool to waste so many years with out this joy in my heart. I want everyone to experience it. You are all so loved. And remember, having everything isn't the answer to anything. Faith is all you need, He will take care of the rest.

How fortunate I am to celebrate another Birthday. I feel like I have become the woman I am supposed to be. I've had this blog for many years now and I want to personally thank you all for your continued support throughout this journey. As our platform continues to grow I will maintain our promise of using it to the best of our ability. We have so much love to give and want to do what we can to spread positivity and joy through photos and messages on faith as well as many other topics. We're raising our girls to be the type of role models young girls can look up to. My gift is being able to watch them apply what we've taught them. Especially the little things, holding open doors, random acts of kindness, complimenting strangers, being good listeners, serving the less fortunate, picking up litter, being there for a friend. I see them doing these things daily and my heart bursts with pride. These next 31 years, like I said above are going to be the best yet. Love to all!

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  1. thanks for sharing this hit close to home! happy birthday!

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