These Arms Were Made to Hold You

12:35 PM

My sweet girls, I will never forget the feeling when these arms held each of you for the first time. With Liv, Love and worry, Willow, love and fear and with Indie, love and contentment.

You see, with each of you God taught me a lesson. 

Through Liv, God taught me to give it all to Him. I was so scared she wasn't going to make it and God blanketed me with His peace and comforted me. I will never be in control. To release all my worry and fully put my trust in Him. Don't miss today worrying about tomorrow. 
While God is solving your problems you can enjoy your life.

Stop trying to do what only God can. 

Willow was to teach me patience. Patience is earned and once it is it is a force of peace like no other. 
Willow, sweet Willow was so hard as a baby/toddler and a major test to my sanity. She never slept, she was never happy, she was wild, mischievous and free. I would say, "There has got to be a silver lining with this kid. God is definitely trying to teach me something." I had never been a patient person. Super busy at all times, go go go, non stop. I never just sat and breathed in the here and now...Until Willow. Oh I'm so grateful for every breaking point because she made me a better person. Nothing bothers me. I am mellow, I am present, slow to anger and a much better Mother. Thank you for this one God. You knew I needed it and now my Willow is my easiest going kid. 

Patience is connected to trust, hope, faith, love and good character. 

THIS VERSE IS SO IMPORTANT. I love it so much: 
Be always humble, gentle, and patient. Show your love by being tolerant with one another. 
Ephesians 4:2 

My Indie. You taught me to be content. I will admit it, I was a little sad our last child wasn't a son. Yuck, mom guilt is the worst and I hated that I felt that way even if it was for just a moment. But oh my heart am I so glad you are here. I wouldn't trade your precious self for the world. Because of those valuable life lessons I was taught raising your sisters I am able to fully enjoy every phase we walk through. I am present, at peace and my heart has all it needs. You completed us. Right now in this moment I know this is all I'll ever want or need.

My arms were made to hold you, care for you, feed you, teach you, and pray with you. Im so blessed to have this important job of raising you 3 daughters. My only hope is that I can help shape you in the way you have helped shape me and when my job is done, these arms we're made to let you go and I'll take comfort in knowing you will each go off and accomplish great things and that will bring me so much joy. 

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