No Limits

10:37 AM

Could you one day imagine a world far less critical? One that is built on free thinking, encouraging each other and open to all sorts of new ideas? We all have so many hopes and dreams but are afraid to put ourselves out there because the world is an awful, judgmental place. Why do we allow words to cut us so deeply that we are unwilling to even try? We signed Liv up for softball recently. She begged me all Summer to sign her up and as soon as it opened, I did. I couldn't wait to tell her. I was certain she would jump for joy and be so excited to try something new that she had been so looking forward to. Instead she got kind of awkward. I was confused. I said, "Well that wasn't the reaction I was looking for silly girl. I thought you really wanted to try it?" Liv goes on to tell me she's afraid she will be terrible, her friends would surly make fun of her and what if there are boys there?!! They will all make fun of me. I don't even know how softball works. I don't want to do it anymore Etc. Etc. 

I did my best to be encouraging and understanding. But on the drive home, I starting thinking, how awesome would it be if we wondered about all the compliments and encouragement we might get today? I wonder what nice things I'll hear and say today? I wonder how many people I can make smile with simple kind words. You are so smart friend! You are really good at pushing me on the swings. Let me give it a try and push you with the same enthusiasm. Or instead of my usual road rage, I pull up next to that person and compliment their driving. I probably won't do that but I will in the comfort of my own car, loud enough for my daughter's to hear. They will learn through good example. If you have met my daughters they have probably complimented you in one way or another in the first 20 seconds of meeting you. They love to see people light up. It brings them joy.

My precious Liv is so sensitive to how people feel about her. I am the same way. I care so freaking much about what everyone else is thinking. I hate it. She struggles with math and her classmates know it. She tells me, "My classmates say I'm bad at math so therefore I am bad at math and will stop trying because I just won't ever understand it." She is allowing their opinions to define her and their words are wrong. She has since started working with a tutor and is getting it! Alas, a perfect example for her to experience first hand. The lesson here: The only limits being set are the ones we set for ourselves. No one can tell you anything. Know who you are. Look at every situation as a challenge to improve yourself. Never stop improving.

We are also our own worst critic. I'm working on both of us very diligently. We have got to remember to compliment ourselves too. Every morning tell yourself 5 wonderful things in the mirror and watch yourself smile. When did it become unacceptable and conceited to think you are beautiful, smart, athletic, etc.? What shouldn't be acceptable is thinking you're better than. That's where I think we got confused. Be proud to be you but don't think you're better than anyone. I would love nothing more than to change that way of thinking for all of us. I want our daughters to be confident and brave. Never be afraid to share your ideas.

I have been this quiet, introverted person for so long because I am afraid I won't be liked for expressing myself. It's taken a lot of my own courage to share words from my heart but it feels so good to finally put myself out there and do it. I've skated along the edge for so long and finally I don't care. I am open. I'm engaging people, starting conversations with strangers and sharing things I am passionate about aside from fashion, hair and photography. 

I feel like God is showing me pieces of myself that I didn't even know were there. But now there is a fire inside of me and I want more because through Christ, there is always more. 
Pleasant Words are like a honeycomb. They make a person HAPPY AND HEALTHY. Proverbs 16:24

Kind words heal a broken spirit.


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