Next Generation of Strong Girls

6:06 PM

When I had my first daughter Liv, I would quietly think to myself how scary this world is for a young girl. I'd think about how one day we'd be sending her off. To be on her own. So much vulnerability. Will she be smart in the ways of the world? Will she have the self confidence she needs to not be easily intimidated or taken advantage of? Will she be able to protect herself and speak up? These are REAL feelings and thoughts that go through my head often. Now I have 3 daughters and have watched as woman everywhere stand up and declare their voice and I'm proud. Our daughters are learning and watching and seeing and believing that there is so much more for them. They will not stay quiet, they will not be pushed around, they will stand up for what is right and they will stand up for themselves.

I've had this photoshoot vision in my mind for a while now and as soon as I saw these shirts on Zara I knew they would be perfect. Taking these photos today was a very emotional and up-lifting. I think the other mom's and auntie of course felt it too. I say this is the dawning of a new era. These sweet girls grew more and more confident with each click of the camera. Shouting out what makes them proud to be a girl, who inspires them and what they wanted to be when they grow up. At this point in time I no longer feel that impending doom of when my girls are on their own. Today I feel prouder than ever to be raising 3 daughters that I will one day send out into the world to make it a better place because they believe that they can. 

Special thank you to all of these sweet girls. 

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