Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

7:26 PM

We always start the holiday season off with Black Friday shopping. We usually get about 75% off our shopping done that day. Its so much fun. My mom, sister, and I always dress up in Christmas gear and brace the early morning grind of Black Friday. (Our Black Friday Vlog) We've been doing this since I was 7. My brave mother would take me and my siblings to the city, dress us to the nines and shop til we drop. I'm not super human like my mom so we leave the little ones at home. We did bring Tydus as a little baby one year and he was such a trooper. He was born loving Christmas.

We like to put our tree up as early as we can get away with. We don't decorate it til the day after Thanksgiving however. We love the soft ambiance it gives and it really gets us in the spirit.

Every year we go to a special brunch with Santa. Sometimes he arrives on a helicopter. We decorate gingerbread men, stuff our faces and the Mama's drink mimosa's. This is also a cherity event so everyone comes with a gift to donate. It's one of my favorite things that we do. This will be our 9th year. It's next Saturday and we are counting down the days.

In honor of my Grammy we do an annual cookie bake. I've integrated this tradition into both sides of our family now. It's pretty neat. My husband's Grammy was so special. She was a huge part of my life as well. She was the epitome of what a Grammy should be. She loved to cook, spoil everyone and loved to talk in the kitchen while sharing her latest and greatest recipe. I love the bond we would share while making heaps of cookies for hours. We would bundle them up and give them out as gifts. I feel closest to her on this day. It was such a special time for us. I miss her :(

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A new tradition of ours is volunteering at The Salvation Army. I love doing this and so do the girls. It's my life mission to raise them up to be empathetic and to have a servants heart. They really understand for the most part that these kids will have a wonderful Christmas because of what people have given. It's a site to see as they excitedly run the toys to each appropriate table excited that another 5 year old girl or boy will be getting something and so on. I cannot wait to do this again. This happens right before Christmas so the joy from it is nice and fresh for reflection on Christmas day.

We always get matching Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. My mama has been doing this since we were born and the tradition will go on forever and ever. Who doesn't love brand new cozy Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

You guys, I LOOOVE my husband. He is whole heartedly my soul mate. We just get each other. He humors me and I humor him. We love to feed off of each others enthusiasm and encourage each silly idea. My husband will take every detour possible to admire every decorated home in this town. He will happily cruise around for hours looking at the lights. We love it and its so fun the see the girl's excitement over something so simple. He shares my joy for Christmas and together it's so much better.

We have so many other little things, this post could go on forever. Traditions make the best memories. They don't have to be extravagant to be special. Sometimes it's the little moments that mean the most.

God gave his greatest gift of all to save us. Our best tradition of all is to give as often as we can and encourage many random acts of kindness. That's what Christmas is all about. The joy of giving and loving one another.

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