That Perfect Cheese Board

4:29 PM

If you're like me than all you need to be blissfully satisfied in life is a venti latte and a solid cheese board and maybe an ice cold Diet Coke. There have been times where I completely skipped dinner and just grazed from an epic cheese spread. Seriously, cheese is the best!

This Thanksgiving I have created this mouth watering work of art. If you can't find me on Thanksgiving, check by the cheese. Thats most likely where I will be. Since I am in charge of this portion I spared no expense. Since I can't eat most yummy items being served due to food allergies (I mean, who's allergic to carrots and wheat and tomatoes?! WTH!) I wanted to be sure to include all of my favorites so I didn't feel food tortured...Well, you know what I mean. Like smelling a delicious donut but not ever being able to taste one. Torture! Get it now? Moving on, I am going to simply walk you through what you need to create the most delicious cheese board ever!

First of all you don't actually need a board. Here's a good idea, simply slide out your counter top cutting board and use that. All you will need to do is  make sure you have a large enough surface to work with. Now for the list because I know thats what you've been scrolling for. :)

Have a good variety of salty and sweet.
Candies Pecans
Salty Almonds

Grapes (Duh)
Blackberries for tartness
I like to sprinkle them over the board when I'm done.

Be sure to have a good combo of soft and hard cheeses.

Once you have included the standard assortment go for some specialty cheeses.
Blueberry Goat cheese roll
(This is my fave, it's like dessert cheese!!!OMG)
An herb infused jack cheese
Havarti with dill
Italian flavors
Pepper jack
to name a few... 

Taking it up a notch.

Add some olives for extra saltiness. My favorite.

I love adding sweet flavors to Bree. The combo is so perfect. What I like to do is top the bree with some candied pecans and drizzle it with honey. A little slice of Heaven.

Buy pre-made prosciutto and cheese rolls. Its just so much easier. To make it look rustic all I do is cut them in half. 

Keeping with the rustic theme I like using peppered salami. I love folding them in half and tucking them in all the empty spaces. The rough edges from the pepper just add to the presentation. 

Gosh, I'm really into this aren't I?

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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  1. interesting, i have never seen anything like this before

  2. This looks like something wonderful to present in front of guests. Its really unique and looks beautiful. The fruits are perfectly placed and I just love it.


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