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11:11 AM

Did you know that you can go through all of the motions of being a great Christian but still be spiritually dead. Realizing that was a major eye opening moment for me.

I'm a good person, prayed with my family, did good deeds here and there, was nice to people, believe in God, went to know, all the things a good Christian does. But I was empty. I hadn't felt the Spirit of God for a long while. I've been a spiritual Christian before, saved by the Grace of God so I knew the feeling and I knew it wasn't there. I longed for that again but I just never made that commitment to Christ. I don't know how and when I lost sight of it. It just sort of faded away from my heart.

Over this past year, I really started to take notice of my reactions to things and how I felt like I needed some food for the soul. Everything I was doing seemed to be in vein or very unfulfilling. Something was missing and I just couldn't find it. I was praying and asking God to come into my heart. Bring me peace Lord. Make me content. Help me to feel joy and be a more patient Mother and Wife. Now all those things are wonderful to pray for but for the Lord to really change your heart you need to break the walls down. I finally had that epiphany. I woke up one day and said to myself, this is it. From this day forward I am going to re-dedicate my life to you Jesus. I will make the time to study your word, listen to audio books that you guide me to and use my reactions to each circumstance as an opportunity to show you I am changing.

A break through! That all too familiar feeling was making it's way back to my heart. Have you ever looked at a Spiritual person and wondered how they are always so overcome with joy and they just want to throw their arms up and rejoice in Jesus! He puts that feeling their hearts. It's overwhelmingly beautiful.

An amazing realization I had and shared with my Mother was how quickly the Lord welcomes you back. Like a long lost friend. It's emotional and powerful. All those years wasted when I could have been feeling this beautiful sense of peace, praise and happiness. My daughter's know the Lord, I've raised them that way but not like this. They 100% have noticed a change in me and how I react to them and talk with them and they are changing too. I touched on that in my previous blog post. They want to have conversations about Jesus all of the time. They are kinder to each other because thats what Jesus wants. They forgive easier. Even my precious husband has taken notice, the joy of Jesus is contagious! It's just so remarkable how only a short while ago I was feeling so empty and now I am so happy and loving and feel so many amazing changes happening. Im more motivated then ever. Opportunities coming at us left and right, and when they fall through I don't get sad like I use to. I get excited for what he has waiting thats even better than the other. It's His plan for what happens in our life, not mine and what I want. It's what He wants and I have given it all to Him and it feels so freeing. I have an over abundance of joy in my heart that I just want to give it all to each and every one of you. If you are feeling the same way I was, please feel free to email me. I would love to share any bit of wisdom I may have, audio books that have touched me and given me the tools to finally break down my walls. Life is so much better with Jesus!

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