All Dressed Up But No Where To Go...NYFW

2:19 PM

New York Fashion Week may have forgotten to send for us but thats not going to stop us from dressing up and pretending to be walking the streets of Manhattan. Rubbing elbows with the fashion elite and carelessly posing for the paparazzi. Ok maybe not but still inspired none the less.

So far the vibe from NYFW is casual chic. Faded skinny jeans paired with a sharp blazer. Structure with a bit of rough around the edges. One of my favorite trends so far.

 Willow is wearing a Zara beret, top and skirt.
(These boot with launch very soon so keep an eye out!.) 
Sunglasses Moderne Child

 Liv's outfit is by Little Mass-Tru Luv
Shoes Zara
Sunglasses Goose and Dust

A few shots of my favorite NYFW street style 2 days in:

Photo grabs via

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  1. You sound like a twin sister of mine.I also do dress up quite often but don't know where to go so I just take selfie of mine to gather the proof of being dress up for nothing ��


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