NYC Day 2: Serendipity was a BUST!

3:05 PM

On Day 2 we went to the Natural History Museum. It was very cool. The fossils and mummy exhibit did not disappoint. BUT you have got to go early. We were there when it opened at 10am but by 1 this place was packed with soooo many small kids and people. It was so loud and crazy we literally ran for the exit. I'm so glad we saw the main things first so we weren't bummed about leaving a little early. There is one dinosaur there that I will show you on our VLOG that is massive. It was all really cool to see. 

Liv's Dress: Liberty Lark
My dress: Spell

 After the Natural History Museum we had lunch reservations at Serendipity. We had been very happy with all of our Restaurant choices until now. This is of course a staple item when it comes to things to see and do in NYC but honestly I could have been fine simply walking in and walking out. In a nut shell, its a novelty. The food was terrible, the service sucked and this place was NOT kid friendly. They do not allow strollers, they make you fold them up and stuff in a dingy corner stoop out front. They don't offer high chairs. If it wasn't for all of the children already in there I would have questioned if small children were even allowed. They seemed really annoyed by fact that we had a baby. We get to our table, somewhere off to the back next to the kitchen and I'm already extremely put off. It looks like a hoarder is living in a subway bathroom. Dirty tile from floor to ceiling. Im thinking, damn that frozen hot chocolate better be pretty good for all the attention this place gets. We order and the food arrives on ceramic cafeteria plates. There is nothing whimsical about this place. The food was so bland. Again, that frozen hot chocolate better be the best thing I have ever tasted for me finally get what the fuss is about over this place. Finally, her comes the hot chocolate. In all honesty, Willow could have made a better shake. It tasted like a watered down milk shake some idiot added ice too. And the worst part of all......The whip cream on top had NO SUGAR! Someone please tell me how you ruin whipped cream? This place gets an F! And a well deserved F at that. It may have been great at one time but now its a run down hole in the wall.  If Serendipity was on your list of things to do, save your self the time and effort and simply peek in and keep on walking. I promise you will be disappointed that you wasted a meal there when you could have eaten at the many delicious restaurants that NYC has to offer.

 Here's me desperately trying to make the best of it! 

 We let Liv have it all to herself. She was pretty excited about that!

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