NYC Day 1

7:04 PM

We are here!!! We are in NEW YORK CITY and loving every second of it. This city is full of energy, creativity and excitement. There is so much to see and do. We walk out of our hotel and head in the direction of Central Park. On our way we pass some of the most beautiful Cathedral's we have ever seen. We run into the New York Public Library. It looks like a museum. We stop to take it all in, the proceed on. We pass every luxury flagship store you could think of. I was so excited to see the window display's at Saks 5th Avenue. I could only imagine this place at Christmas time. We pass Trump Tour that is guarded so heavily you would think he was actually there. Fully armed secret service members. It was crazy and pretty cool. Those guns were HUGE! We stumbled upon Grand Central Station. It's massive and so busy. We stayed for only a moment. We pass the American Girl store and Liv couldn't wait to go in. But the deal was to stop on our way back. I did not want to be carrying any over sized red bags around with me all day. We finally get to Central Park and there on the corner is the beautiful and iconic Plaza Hotel. One door down is an amazing restaurant called Sarabeth's. This was one of my recommendation's shared with me. More known for their brunch but did not disappoint. We had the most delicious lunch there. We highly recommend it. They were also very sweet and accommodating. Following our lunch we hopped a carriage through Central Park. (Advice:  If you are planning a carriage ride through CP you will notice men on every corner with a flyer. Showing you the carriage rate and the rate of these electric cars. They will claim the carriages only take you through 1/4 of the park. Do not pay any attention to them. They have nothing to do with the carriage rides. They are lying and wanting you to book the car tour. Keep your distance from these guys. They are like car salesmen and can be a little pushy. Simply approach one of the carriage drivers and they will be happy to give you a tour of the entire park full of fun information here and there.) Our carriage driver was so sweet. This was probably one of our most favorite activities. After our ride we started our way back to the hotel. By chance we stumbled into this amazing, authentic Italian restaurant. Our waiter was actually named Vito with the most adorable Italian accent. I wish I could remember the name. If I do I will be sure to add it. We did so much on our first day and really enjoyed all the people we met along the way. 

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