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Don't get me wrong...I am no professional photographer but I do know a solid thing or two on how to take a great photo.

What's in my camera bag

Camera and Lens
Your camera and lens definitely make a huge difference. For me, buying my Canon Rebel was a game changer. I used th stock lens for a long time until an actual professional told me to get the "Nifty 50." Also known as the bloggers lens. This lens is not expensive and a great place to start. It creates that lovely blurred background effect on all of your favorite bloggers photos. It's a fixed lens so you have to stand pretty far back from your subject so b sure not to get ran over if you have to stand in the street to get the shot. Once I got a good feel for this lens I wanted to upgrade and then purchased the 85 lens. Its a little pricey but seeing all of the new offers we've been getting by the quality of our photos improving showed me it was a good investment. It's also wonderful for indoor photos.

Stop using your flash. If you are using the 50mm lens you shouldn't need the flash. Just make sure your lighting is good. If shooting indoors, open all of your windows...I'll even open our front door. Avoid using lamps. They make everything a yucky yellow tone.

Lighting is key
Shoot in the morning or evening if you can. Try to avoid shadows being casted across the face. Sometimes this can't be avoided. Try moving around to find the best spot with the least amount of shadows.

Stop using auto
 I love to work in creative mode on my Canon. It has this wonderful brightness setting that I seriously could not live with out.

Creative Elements 
I recently purchased a reflector from Amazon. It was so cheap and is so much fun to work with. You can see the effect the gold side had on these photos. It has 4 options. I will list them below with their function.
      *Silver can increase highlights and yield a high-contrast image. Great for video, product shots, or black and white photography.
      *Gold produces a natural, golden warm fill that is great for sunsets or indoor portraits.
      *White produces an even, neutral-colored bounce light that works beautifully as a fill light source.
      *Black is used as a flag to block light or can be used to subtract light.

Play around with it, it takes some practice. Have you ever had light reflect off your watch or phone and shined the floating dot in a friends eyes? It's the exact same idea. That makes sense right?! LOL 

I promise, you do not need to have photoshop or any fancy program to edit a good photo. I recently canceled my photoshop/ lightroom subscription because I wasn't using it anymore. Get familiar with a little site called Picmonkey. I LOOOOVE Picmonkey. It's genius and super user friendly. You can create your own themes or filters and use them every time. You can use their templates to create the perfect size Youtube thumbnails. I only edit my photos through this program now. The best part is that you don't have to download it or pay to use it. Most of the tools are free. 

Don't over edit. My most liked photo's are the ones with little to no filter. Just pure, natural, white balanced light. Don't get crazy with adding light beams and dark edges to your photos. Keep it as simple as possible. Unless of course...The over edited look is what you are going for. Who am I to tell ya otherwise ; )

***I hope these tips have helped you a little. If you have any questions at all leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you right away. 

Willow's Dress:c/o Moderne Child

Liv's Dress:c/o Lola and The Boys

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  1. Thank you for sharing these tips! I use the Canon Rebel t5, and the zoom lens; I will have to check out the 85! After you mentioning the creative mode, I took out my camera to check it out, and I looove it :) What size reflectors do you use? Or is the size not that big of a deal?

    Thanks again for these wonderful tips :)


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