10:51 AM

5 years ago today you came in to this world mad as hell. Boy were you fired up. You knew what you wanted and when you wanted it and if I didn't give it to you, you were going to tell me so. It's so funny how personalities can be distinguished almost immediately. We knew right away you were strong willed and particular. You prefer things a certain way and thats great. Your mama might be the same way. Hmmm, maybe thats where you get it. You have got some serious whit. Your comedic timing is impeccable. Some of the stuff you say leaves of laughing for days. Your sweet side is like none other. I live for those moments when you climb in bed next to me in the morning and rest your sweet little cheek on the shoulder and then demand breakfast. One of your best qualities is your ability to say you are sorry and move on. You amaze us with how quickly you get over things. You aren't prideful and you never hold a grudge. I am so proud of that. What a cool little girl you are. You love to give compliments and hold hands and be carried. You are in no rush to grow up. Today I asked you how it felt to be 5. You replied, "Well, I really kinda miss 4. Does 5 mean I am not little any more Mama? Because I want to stay little for a long time." I of course told you that you are still very much little but one day when you are all grown up, to me you will always be my little girl.

Sandals: Zara

Dress c/o Moderne Child

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