Summer Memories

12:21 PM

Are these photos not the greatest thing you have ever seen?! I am so obsessed with my dear friend Carol. Her and I are a match made in Heaven. Our personalities are so compatible, we can go back and forth with our crazy ideas literally all day. Carol, I love you! We were wanting to do a fun Palm Springs theme with an edgy twist. What do you think? Did we nail it? I think so! ;D 

Stay tuned!! There are still more photos to share this week! 
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 We are just so ready for Summer. The snooze button has been overly utilized, Mama is over making lunches and we are ALL over doing homework. Willow is out next week and Liv the following. 
When I was a child Summer was always full of activities and traditions. I could always count on our trips to Tahoe and Washington State. One of my fondest Summer memories were spent in Lake Tahoe. We would stay at this gorgeous home right on the lake. We would tube and catch crawdads off the end of the pier. We all got wet suits so we could swim happily in the lake. That water is COLD! We would sit right on the dock and watch the 4th of July fireworks. I can promise you the Lake Tahoe fireworks beat Disneyland's show hands down. It's insane!! So much of our heart is rooted in Lake Tahoe. That is our place. We know it like the back of our hand. The beauty alone is like no other. I can only hope to share my fondness and memories with our girls they way my parents have. They lived there and met there. That was their playground in their younger years. They have the best stories. They never get old hearing. Summer in Tahoe holds my heart and best memories.

 Outfits were styled via Zara
Accessories by us A Lil Bit Fancy
Be sure to head over and visit Carol. Her photos are so beautiful. A huge special thank you to her for these incredible photos. You've outdone yourself again!! Until the next shoot!! 

Follow Carol, she is amazing!

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