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9:29 AM

Willow's Look:
Sunnies: Moderne Child
Overalls: Harlow Jade
Top: Similar
Sandals: Similar

Liv's Look:
Hat: Roxy
Top and Bottoms: Ruby Loves Sonny
Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Lately I have been trying to get out of my day in, day out routine. When you are a Mother, your routine is your lifeline. Especially when you have a baby. And then one day I forgot to pay our car payment.

My hubs called and asked, why didn't you mail our payment? They are saying it's late!" I was so confused by this because I was certain I had literally paid it a week ago...But Nope. My days were so routine that they were beginning to blur together and that is not ok.

I thought to myself..."What on earth am I doing? Is keeping my chores and laundry schedule more important than enjoying life?" Heck no! We need some spontaneity, to shake things up a bit. And that is exactly what I am going to do.

We spent 2 days at an amazing resort pool that we never go to. (The post with the swing) It's a bit of a drive but I thought what the heck. Lets go! The girls and I had such a blast.

Currently Loving:

I am not too keen on going to the store more than once a week but that usually limits me to a certain dinner menu. The same one every week...BLAH! I've decided to let Pinterest inspire me and have been to the store 3 times already for ingredients for new and exciting dishes to make the family. Going out too much use to make me feel overwhelmed and now that I am feeling motivated it feels good. Just to get outside for the sake of going out. The funny thing is...My home is a lot cleaner because we aren't spending as much time in it.

I had been driving by this enormous gathering of goats all last week. There are so many that I literally chuckle every time we drove by. There were hundreds! They eat all of the dead grass to avoid any potential fires. Out of spontaneity, I decided to take the girls and let them get up close and feed them. We had such a blast. I hope to continue on this path and not fall back into the "Mom Rut," because it sure feels good to be out of it.

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  1. This makes so much sense! So glad I'm not the only one who feels this's so hard to juggle everything. You make it look easy! Love this post! 💗👍🙌


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