Feather Braid and Glitter Roots Tutorial

12:45 PM

This is a new twist on the classic waterfall braid. If you have ever tried a waterfall braid than you know how delicate they can be and well...they are great for Pinterest photos but aren't that practical. The feather braid is a new technique that gives you that same elusion only it's a sturdy braid and won't unravel at the slightest movement. I actually think this braid is a much easier process as well.

And to take it up a notch we are adding some glitter roots to this tutorial. I am sure you have seen this trend popping up all over now that festival season is here. We just love it and had to try it out ourselves. I've been using Girlie Glue on the girls for a while and had a brilliant idea to make it the adhesive for our glitter. I had no idea what others were using and certainly wasn't going to use actual glue on the girls hair. Girlie Glue is quite genius for this actually. Its all natural and basically sugar making washing the sticky glitter out extremely easy. Its pretty sticky stuff so I added a couple drops of water to thin it out and began to mix with our glitter. I strongly recommend a chunky glitter. I fine glitter could actually be a complete disaster trying to get out. Willow's hair was completely clean after just one washing.

You can find Girlie Glue Here.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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