Mar Y Lana

3:50 PM

Mar Y Lana

Upon opening our gorgeous ponchos I recieved a sweet little note sharing with me what actually goes in to creating one of these pieces. Each tassel and thread, hand woven and tied. These pieces are created by artisans that spend hours weaving and knotting...A true work of art. It's working with brands such as Mar Y Lana that gives me pride in what we share here. There is so much more out there than what you can find in a department store. 


A brand inspired by everyday life.

Proudly made in Colombia...

since the start of time

5% of profits go back to the artisans' local school

 Everywhere we went this day I was stopped by people loving the girls ponchos. They looked absolutely adorable in them. Just darling as ever. We will be spending many Summer days wearing these over our swimsuits at the beach. They are beautiful and light weight, the perfect bohemian cover up if you ask me. I just love my girls in these. 

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