Did Someone Say Festival Season?

10:56 AM

Don't get me wrong...I'm definitely not high tailing myself and 3 kids to the desert to dance around with flower's in our hair and good vibes only...But damnit I sure wish I was! One day the hubs and I will so be those parents that tag along with their cool kids...ordered to keep a safe distance away from them and their friends so they can all laugh and make fun of their Dad and I as we get down to the music wishing we were still in our early 20's...Since you know, were 30 now. It's been a hot minute but still!

What I love about "Festival Season" most is obviously the fashion...Duh! It really is like a fine art. Its a collection of eclectic mismatched pieces all perfectly coordinated. Where more is always more BUT it has to be done just right. I could browse festival fashion photos literally all day.

With out further ado, per usual I have my gorgeous girls to vicariously live through and dress to the nines and create our own little festival moment...We had fun! So, Enjoy!

Shop Their Look

A HUGE thank you to the following for helping us create this magical photoshoot! We love you!!

This magical photoshoot was brough to life by Carol Oliva and her darling daughter Kaiya!

Flower Crowns by Willow and Plum


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