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Boy oh boy, was this weekend one for the record books! So happy to be on the other side of it. It all started Saturday morning. Just a couple of hours after my husband left for his fishing trip. I swear, it NEVER fails. When he goes out of town something always seems to go wrong. Happy to report both big girls are feeling much better and in time Indie's cold will be gone too. She doesn't seem too cranky from it so that is a very good sign. Thank goodness today is the first day of Spring because we are so done with this cold and flu season. We have literally had it all. Back to back to back. Thinking positive from here on out! Happy Spring everyone! 

We are sp excited to share this beautiful dress line, Fleur And Lace Boutique. They are behind pretty much every gorgeous flower girl dress I have ever seen. Their designs are creative, whimsical and one of a kind. Each dress is made to perfection. 

Fleur and Lace Boutique offers excellent customer service, so rest assured you are in good hands buying my gorgeous little girls dresses and accessories.  Plus when you make a purchase here you are supporting women's small business which is always a good idea!
Having grown up in the fashion modeling business, I have always loved wearing the latest trends.  I have 4 daughters who also love expressing their style.  As they were growing up this made for some very interesting outfits!  After having my daughters I developed such love for little girl's clothing and seeing how much fun they had expressing their personalities with it, so I started a company devoted to fashion for the princess population. 

Being an avid seamstress and designer since I was a young girl, in 2013 I launched my first company designing and sewing custom made little girl's clothing.  I had gone through a hardship and decided to find a way to enjoy my love for fashion and earn an income from it too.  I then found the strength to start my own business and it became very successful!  Many of the dresses I created were my original designs and they became extremely popular, but now I am excited to move onto this next chapter of my business with Fleur and Lace Boutique.  My love of frilly little girl's dresses has developed into creating this sweet little boutique where I hand choose designs for their unique style and comfort. 
Some of my custom designs were chosen by celebrity brides and also featured on prestigious wedding sites such as Martha Stewart Wedding and Style Me Pretty.  You may have also seen some of my custom dresses on Pinterest.  
I am sure once you purchase something from Fleur and Lace Boutique you will be impressed with my quality and personal attention.  I know comfort is very important for little girls too so I make sure each dress will be comfy for hours as I'm sure she will be excited to show off how gorgeous she looks!  I also love seeing customer's photos of their princesses in the dresses, so feel free to send those over to possibly be featured in one of my blog posts or on social media.  If you're loving your items feel free to leave a review to let everyone know they will love theirs too.
I will carefully choose new designs and pretties to add but I will make sure they all are unique and gorgeous for all the little fashionistas out there. 
I lovingly and sweetly package each order to be opened like a special gift. It's a special perk of purchasing from a small business like mine.  I also want to give back to a worthwhile charity and I have chosen Jessica Seinfeld's stellar Good Plus Foundation where I donate a portion of each dress sale.  I am impressed by this foundation and all of the work they do to help children and their families.
Your little princess deserves to express her personality in a stylish way with my unique, charming items.
I very much appreciate your loyalty by purchasing from me and also for supporting women's small business. Xo

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