Cherry Blossom Tree's

3:48 PM

 Flower Crown ArchnOllie 

The Cherry Blossoms are just beginning to bloom around here and when they do our entire neighborhood becomes this magical pastel place that gives me all the feels. I literally sigh in satisfaction every time I drive to and from our home. I just adore them and soak them in for I know they will be gone just as quick as they came.

Doesn't Liv look gorgeous with that beautiful cherry blossom tree behind her? I literally pulled over on our way to a baby shower to snap some pix with it. The color and size of this one was spectacular and begging to be a back drop. I hope to get a few more of the girls with them before they are gone.

Life lately has been crazy!!! We have been fighting a major mice infestation. We kind of live out in the country but not really but enough to have to deal with a mice epidemic. Everyone here is dealing with it. Pest control can be seen out front almost every day. The Clark guy and I actually wave hello now, I see him that often. Ha! So last night everyone had gone to bed and I was sitting at the top of our stairs chatting with my sister and in the low light I thought I saw something move. I'm a very jumpy person and more often than not nothing is really ever there but this time there was!!! On the landing of our stairs was a mouse!! We have NEVER had them actually inside. Only in our garage so sheer panic ran over me, I even started shaking. I know...Dramatic but I am terrified of them. Even the creepy way they scurry gets to me. I threw a baby doll at it and got Tim up to take care of it. We set a trap out in the middle of our entry way where we could watch from the balcony. (Wow, that sounds a little disturbing...I definitely didn't want to see it get caught in the trap. YUCK! We really just wanted to see where it would come out of and if we could catch it so I could sleep. There is no way I would sleep at all knowing that thing was coming up stairs. We watched it then go under the door to our guest bathroom where our dog sleeps (poor Tahoe was probably like WTF??) Tim cornered it in there and got it out...Thank God. I'm still so edgy from it today. He went and got more traps and I patched the hole I hope is the one they used to get in. It's been just awful!! I hate the things. I better never see one in my home EVER AGAIN!! We've declared war....

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