6 Ways To Boost Your Energy

9:01 PM

As much as I hate to admit it...This little girl is sucking the life out of me. Literally! Between teething, waking up through the night, my pump schedule AND getting the older girls off to school has got me on that next level exhaustion. I literally need every single one of my vices to survive the day. I know things will get easier and before I know it she will be Liv's age...Needing me less and less, so I don't let it affect me too much mentally. This is such a teeny tiny phase, I am going to cherish as much of this baby stage as I can. But don't get me wrong, I am human and I am known to have a nervous break down here and there.  Anyways, here are 6 ways I boost my energy. If you have tried everything but still can't seem to get that extra push we all need, than maybe some of these may help. I am also open to suggestions. Leave a comment below :)

We have to start with the obvious of course...Breakfast. Starting your day loaded up on protein is key. I am actually not a fan of breakfast and can easily go with out it but I have noticed over time that I am way more energized on the days when I ate it. Here is where everyone would recommend eggs and turkey bacon or whatever but I don't eat egg so I like to have a Luna Bar and a fruit of some sort and always avocado prepared some sort of way. Lately I have been loving diced up banana, saute'd in a little coconut oil and cinnamon and sugar. It's amazing. I saw it on Facebook and I am hooked.

That was one tip we obviously all know about but these are tips I apply to my life that actually work so gotta include breaky.

At this stage of the game (Mom of 3) Normal coffee or latte's just aren't cutting it. What really gives me a kick in the ass is drinking cold brew. I am completely addicted to the stuff and it's low acidity and tastes amazing! I honestly do not think I could live with out it. This is my favorite brand.

I cut back on my carb intake. This is a tough one for some and I completely understand. Prior to having Indie I lost over 30lbs by cutting out most carbohydrates and I had NEVER felt more energized. It was insane. Nothing makes me crash more than a carb binge so I just avoid most all together.

Take B12! I will save my B12 supplement for later in the day when things start to nose dive for me. It's just enough to push me through.

I have been taking Turmeric Capsule's for 9 months now and swear by it. I take 2 with lunch and they even help with allergies, inflammation and even eczema. It makes me feel way less foggy and clear minded.

4pm I always have a solid snack. It usually consists of salami, cheese, grapes and dried chickpeas. Along with that B12 I can manage one last burst of energy to get dinner prepared and have the kitchen clean before bed.

I"m sure exercise would help me tremendously but at the moment I simply do not have time for that shit xD

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