When I Left Home Part 2...You Wont Believe What Happened!

9:27 AM

It took me a few weeks to find a job as a hair assistant. I was so inexperienced with actual hair coloring, styling, etc. Even a salon in China town would have shown me the door. So I had to start out as a shampoo girl. I knew I wanted to work in a high end salon. They always have the newest and latest stuff going on and the best clients...AKA Tippers! 

The salon was called LUSH Beauty Boutique and it was located on Little Santa Monica in Beverly Hills and I assisted pretty much everyone but mainly the owner. He did hair for a ton of celebrities. It was so much fun. My fist day on the job I was washing this little old ladies hair for her weekly blow out. Ladies like her do not wash their own hair. She keeps it maintained until she comes back in for her next washing. So fancy! I believe her husband was a studio head somewhere but I can't remember. She had these GIANT diamond studs in her ear's and often fell asleep during the scalp massage portion of the shampoo. When I went to rinse her hair a piece looped around her earring and out it came and like slow motion I watched it rinse right down the drain. I wanted to throw up! This was my first day!!! She didn't feel when it happened so I finished up and like a deer in headlights floated around the salon waiting for her reaction when she realized one was missing. I'm pretty sure I was shaking the rest of the day. I didn't tell anyone. I was so scared...I didn't know what to do. She left and came back a week later with out any mention of the missing earring! How crazy is that? Next time I'll tell you about the stylists that died my hair yellow and I got in trouble for it!...It's a good one!

 (Dress is by Lola And The Boys. Shoes by Joyfolie

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