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Now that Instagram has changed, gaining followers and engagement has almost become a full time job. If becoming a successful Instagrammer/ bloogger is something you are interested in then here are some of our tips to help you grow.

1. Do not be discouraged. I can honestly tell you there are days where even accounts with over 100,000 followers will not see more than 5 new follows or half the likes and comments they received the previous day. For some odd reason Instagram has on days and off days. It's just how it is.

2. Organize your page. People like to see neatly formatted photos that flow with each other. We like to post 3 of each look and no more than that. If you have a fashion blog, no one wants to see the same look 5 or 6 times. Post as many as you'd like on your blog but save 3 of your favorite for Instagram. Sometimes we will post 3 group shots and 3 individuals of the girls. If that's the case, I will try and change up the background to keep the photos interesting.

3. Put your hashtags in your comments. Adding more than 3 or 4 in the caption cheapens your post. Look up popular hashtags and think about adding some of those to your list.

4. Connect with other accounts that have similar content and around the same amount of followers.  Ask if they would like to do a Follow Friday with you and shout out each other's page. This is great for gaining followers.

5. Offer a giveaway or reach out and join some loops. Loops are huge for gaining followers and are a ton of fun for your following.

6. Join an engagement group. I recommend positive, non strict one's. Don't join too many because it can become very challenging at keeping up with comments and likes and that isn't fair to your group. Trust me...Some people take it very personally if you don't. I've had to leave a couple because I am not about the drama!

7. This one is obvious but you'd be surprised...Only share GOOD pics! Do not post fuzzy, low quality photos. Like I said, if you want to be successful you have got to put in the work and that also means some sort of investment. I recently purchased a new lens that has really upped the quality of our photos and by doing so we have received many more opportunities with companies.

8. Purchase a good camera. I use the Canon Rebel. It's a great beginner, user friendly professional camera. But where I really step things up is my lens. I love my 85mm and my 50mm. The 50mm is the "Blogger lens." I can almost guarantee every blogger uses it. It's the perfect place to start. It's not expensive and is amazing for indoor photos. It's a fixed lens so you can't zoom but that's totally fine. Just move back. LOL

9. I love PicMonkey for editing my photos. You can use most tools for free but I like them all so I have a paid subscription. It's not that much and totally worth it.

10. Don't post too many photos at once. We spread our 3 throughout the day. Occasionally we will post more, but try not to. You will get way more out of each post if you do this. Too many and you might lose a follower or two.

11. Tag! Tag repost accounts that use other peoples content. We do this for every post. We tag our favorites and use their hashtags. Having photos reposted is a great way to gain followers that are engaging and interested in what you are posting.


Dress: ZARA
Backpack: ZARA
Shoes: Skechers

Beanie: Noxx
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: Skechers

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