Valentine...And a Little Love Note

8:25 AM

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day! 

I tell my girl's all the time...You better make sure you marry someone just like your Daddy! A man that will treat you with kindness and all the love a lady deserves. Go for the nice guy. My sweet husband has never made me doubt his love for me. He isn't prideful or afraid to say he is sorry, he is affectionate and kind. He does all of the little things and even some BIG things. He still holds the door open for me and makes me feel protected. He is even known to still get a little jealous on occasion. I think it's cute. He works hard to make sure the spark is always there. None of these things go unnoticed. We take a lot of pride knowing that we are setting a good example of what true love looks like for our daughter's. 

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