Things That Happened in High School || PART 1

7:54 PM

Things that happened in high school: PART 1

I love my blog and sharing fashion and hair inspo but lately I've been getting bored with posts. I thought it would be fun to add random topics to each post. The photo's will most likely not match the topic but who cares. This is going to be fun...For me at least!

Today's topic will be on things that happened to me way long ago when I was in high school that pretty much changed my life forever.

The obvious one being that I began dating my husband Tim the Summer before high school. If you knew me in middle school than you can confirm that I always teased that Tim and I would get married. Long before we even liked each other. He couldn't stand me and I would roll my eyes and say things like, "Whatever Tim...You're still going to marry me someday." I knew he was my soul mate since we were 11.

Our freshman year was great. We're talking head over heels young love. We were crazy about each other. Towards the end of that year we decided to take a break. I was devastated but knew he was my guy and I would just have to be patient. He obviously came running back 3 weeks later. Hehe. Memorial weekend was spent at a near by lake with all of our friends. We spent a lot of time talking while we were there and that last night he told me how he knew I was the one and he could never imagine anyone else. And he promised me we would always be together. Can you 15. Being completely in love and talking about marriage and soul mates. But it actually being 100% sincere? My poor mom. She must have been rolling her eyes. This is such a sweet memory I love to drift off to. I can still feel the warmth of that night and how sweet and young and in love we were. And to think...that was only the beginning.


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