The Day I Left Home

9:50 AM

I left home at 19. I was a freshly licensed cosmetologist eager to strike out on her own... Well alone with Tim anyway. He moved to LA a few months before I did to begin his education at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Yep, the girls Dad was once an aspiring actor and pretty successful model. SHOCKER! Do you believe me now when I say they get their stunningly good looks from their father?! He signed with FORD Models and another agency for acting...Innovative artists I think.

He was all set up by the time I got their. I'll never forget my Mom and I loading up my U-Haul with garage sale furniture she helped me collect over the Summer and their old couches. My sweet Mama has always been a supporter of dreams. I've been telling her she needs to write a book. She has this secret past of traveling all over the world. She's lived everywhere! Traveled with famous surfers, sold flowers in Hawaii and is best friends with a Beach Boys wife. I'll leave her out tho ;) She was a true free spirited little hippie and she is where I get it. Anyways, I couldn't have had the courage to go if it wasn't for her. So here we are caravan-ing with Tim driving my car and my tiny little Mama in the U-Haul. We stopped in Ventura for the night and that next day we lost the key to the U-Haul. It was such a debacle. I actually can't remember what we did to get in. It was a mess.

(Bonus story! Tim was living in short term apartments prior to me moving there and the day we moved him in, I met Fall Out Boy in the lobby. They were moving to LA to produce their second album. I used to see their drummer outside his apartment when I would jog around the complex visiting Tim.)

So there we were movin in to good old Park La Brea. Feels like an entire lifetime ago. I was jobless and clueless but hell bent on figuring out adulthood as well as navigating how to live with my boyfriend for the first time. All the while...only being 19. So what happened next? We'll save it for another blog post...

 I don't know where life is going to take this bright eyed, compassion filled, kind hearted girl but right now she says she wants to live with me forever and I am more than ok with that. 

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