Going Places

5:04 PM

I've been fortunate enough to visit some pretty amazing places, but traveling isn't something I am naturally drawn to. I'm sure the reason being that my children are so small. It complicates things a bit. BUT! I definitely have visions of us traveling to magical places when they are older. I would love to take them to Paris and Greece. Although, I have a feeling they may be taking me instead.

I would love to go to Sweden and Norway and visit distant relatives that are currently living there. It would be so neat to experience their culture.

I am very excited to travel with them to New York City this Summer. What an experience that will be. They are hoping to visit the American Girl store and I am just excited to be there and be a tourist. I want to see EVERYTHING!

What are some places you would like to visit? I would love to hear. Also, if you have any favorite restaurants or shopping locations in New York City I sure would love any and all recommendations.

The girl's had the opportunity to collaborate with Skecher's and these high tops have got to be the raddest shoes I have ever seen. You have got to check out the latest styles from Skechers!

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  1. I would take them to the M&M store on Times Square! I think they'd love it!

    1. Great idea!! They would flip! Thank you so much <3


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