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Sure, we have all heard of getting healthy from the inside out...But how about from the outside in? This year I am really going to try and make sure everything I am putting on my body as well as the girls is natural and safe from here on out. Even the most commonly used cosmetics, moisturizers, body washes contain chemicals that are not safe for long term use. There is so much out there on it, it's mind boggling. Don't believe me? Google it. I have done a major overhaul on our products and Wotnot is the perfect place to start when wanting to swap your chemical ridden lotions and soaps for all natural, good for you ones!

Wotnot has everything from baby wipes to makeup brushes. Their makeup wipes are so nice and leave your skin feeling moisturized and clean. I am using their complete children's line on the girls including their sunscreen. This line is out of Australia and you better believe they know sun protection.

If your New Years Resolution is to get healthy in general I highly recommend looking at what you are putting on your body as well. And when you're ready to ditch what you've been using for the good stuff be sure to check out Wotnot's amazing selection.

Our Story

Who would have thought that one natural nappy would be the start of something so wonderful? Sometimes it really is just the first step that inspires a thousand more.
When founders and mothers, Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard, launched the first environmentally friendly nappy in Australia, Moltex Oko, it fast gathered a cult following of health conscious hipsters, environmentalists and yummy mummies alike. The customers loved the quality and eco credentials of the Moltex nappy and were quick to ask for complementary all-natural products of an equally high standard. The enthusiasm for the nappy was so great that Sinead and Sioned knew they had to answer the pleas of their tribe and create more products with the same integrity. Wotnot Naturals was born to do just that and is still growing the same mission today.

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