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Happy New Year everyone! I have to admit I have never been happier to see 2016 in my rear view mirror. This last year certainly did bring us many blessings but I really do feel this past year tested us...a lot! So happy to be starting fresh. We already have some pretty exciting opportunities lined up and it looks like we will all be traveling quite a bit. Our biggest opportunity so far is our big trip to New York City in the Summer. We are counting down the days. 2016 was a stepping stone to what 2017 has in store and we are so looking forward to what is coming next. 

I went ahead and explained New Years resolutions to the girls and of course Liv says, "To stay up late!" And Willow says, "I want to be a puppy!"....? LOL. I explained further... Liv said she would like to be even kinder to others. (I thought that was sweet and nearly impossible as she is one of the kindest kids I have ever met.) Willow wants to try and help more with the cleaning. Bless her heart...But I am not holding my breath on that one. The girl literally goes catatonic the second I say clean up time. But I encouraged her none the less and we'll just have to see how today goes. They are just the cutest.

I must say I am pretty good with following through on my resolutions as long as it isn't anything like giving up coffee or cheese. This resolution will probably be the most challenging for me. I want to become more organized. With everything. My home, my schedule, my text messages, emails, to do list, laundry...I feel stressed already but up for the challenge. Now that I am a mom of 3 and manage the girls I have got to step up my game. It wont be easy and I will probably need a lot of Pinterest help but anything will be an improvement. 

We would love to hear your resolution! Share in the comments below!!!! 

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