Indian Summer

11:03 AM

Fall weather seems to have missed the memo...But then again so did Summer so all in all we deserve some warmth before the crisp Autumn air sets in. We have been so busy around here. Fall sports and activities, me going back to work on the weekends, Indie getting bigger every day and my hubby coaching football almost every evening after work makes family time a little tough to squeeze in at the moment.

These are just a couple of things I like to do to stay connected:

I love to cook, my husband prefers to eat (not cook!)so he hangs out in the kitchen (togetherness) while the girls and I cook or bake. The conversations we have are always silly and entertaining. We always seem to learn something new about our girls. Willow looooves to cook. She has a real knack and understanding for it, while Liv prefers to observe and join in on the conversation...Like her Daddy, she would rather just enjoy the eating portion.

Another one of my favorite things when I am craving family time is to tuck our girls in together. We'll do our same routine only its both and not just one or the other. The girls love it and I enjoy that we are all snuggled up on one of their beds, winding down from a chaotic day. It's the simple things.

There are other little moments here and there where I try and squeeze in family time but it's hard when we are all going in opposite directions. I would love to hear some of your ideas and ways to stay connected in the chaos. Comment below or shoot us a DM on Instagram. We love hearing from you guys!

I wanted to share this totally fun children's line called Buy Wild Child. The girl's tanks are from there and of course Indie and Ryatt have some adorable little onsies to share once they fit into them. They are to die for!! Be sure to check out her amazing inventory and Insta! Cuteness overload!!!

Fall Looks for warm weather
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