2 Months Already?

7:22 PM

I cannot believe our girls are 2 months already! We have been having so much fun with our girls. Twinning outfits and adorable photo ops. We just can't get enough of Ryatt and Indie.

Indie has been so wonderful letting me sleep. She wakes up once early in the morning and than right back to sleep. She is so great with tagging along. She's just so happy to be here! Smiling and cooing all day long, keeping her mama and daddy melting over her cuteness. We cannot get enough.

The girls are loving having a baby in the house. They have been so helpful to me. Always eager to see what they can do to help with sister. It's so heart warming.

We are looking forward to the holiday's with our sweet girl. The topic of discussion around here has been what Indie will be for Halloween. We shall see...

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