Welcome to the family Indie Mae

5:24 PM

My heart couldn't be any more content at the moment. What a sweet little family Tim and I have created. And my girl's, I was so silly to think I had something to worry about. They are just as in love as we are. Liv is her protector, always making sure hands have been washed, no one is loud or running around the baby. She wont even let anyone eat around her. Indie has nothing to worry about with Liv watching out for her. Willow, she is so gentle and affectionate with her. She is the first on the scene when Indie starts to cry. She shushes and sings in her ear and is always telling her she loves her so much. I could cry. This is my all or nothing Mama's girl and to see her so willing to share me with her baby sister is a HUGE deal. They are such little Mama's and this baby girl couldn't be in better hands with these 2 amazing sisters. 

 Baby Tydus meeting his cousin for the very first time. What a sweet little moment. He was very excited and so soft and sweet with her. He's got a big job ahead looking after all these girls!

 The girls holding Indie for the first time. Liv is so proud to be a big sister again. She knew exactly what to do. She's a pro with babies now! Willow immediately goes into this little Mama mode and whispers sweet little words to Indie and sings her our songs and all is well in the world. My heart almost burst. I was so worried she wouldn't take to her but there is no denying the love she has for baby Indie.

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