Settling in

5:15 PM

We are just about 2 weeks out since having Miss Indie. It's so funny how you wonder, imagine and fantasize about your baby and once they are here its this all familiar feeling like they have been here the entire time. My babies have always been a part of me, even before I ever thought about having children...they were there. Our family feels so complete. We are very blessed with the 3 little girls that we have. It's an absolute privilege to be their Mother. They bring us such joy.

The transition of having a new baby couldn't have been easier. The girls are just smitten and so helpful. This time around has definitely been the easiest. Tim and I are just so mellow and familiar with this process. We do have days where we are exhausted but that is to be expected, but she by far sleeps better than the other 2 ever did as newborn so we'll take it!!

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