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4:02 PM

We are in full blown baby mode around here. Constant cleaning, redecorating, organizing, washing, car detailed...You name it. My sweet girls have been so helpful. I've been trying to make a conscious effort to do fun things with them and not let this process take over their life. They are still on Summer break after all. We've been swimming a ton, having little outings and taking part in community events going on. I've also promised the beach this week so that is currently on the agenda as long as baby stays put.

The nursery is finally finished and looks beautiful. I keep catching Liv in there just hanging out. I asked her why she keeps coming in to just sit and she said, "It's just so nice and sweet in here. Like Peaceful and it makes me feel calm." You can't beat that when it comes to a nursery.

I hit Costco the other day and am doing my best to stockpile. I've been cooking and freezing tons of meals and freezable bulk items. It's hard work but I know I will be so grateful for those frozen meals when the time comes.

I also have all of my back to school shopping done for Liv. Her supply list is completed and lunch boxes and backpacks are ready to go. I am quite proud of myself for this. Now that I am going to be a Mama of 3 its crucial I remain 3 steps ahead at all times. When I am stressed I am one scary person to be around...Ask my husband. I am trying very hard to avoid that from happening since this will be a huge transition for all of us and the last thing anyone needs is a mean Mama.

So, we've got 1 week to go before my induction and I plan on using every spare moment with my girls. I cherish their company so much and know I will be preoccupied for those first 2 weeks until we fall into our new normal routine. I'm trying not to get emotional over change...I always do even when it's good change. I just hope there is enough of me to go around and we all adjust nicely into being a family of 5! Fab 5 that is! :D

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