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Kith and Kin has a little something for everyone. I love everything about this line. The adorable t-shirts and ornate jewelry are so cute and unique

This custom necklace was made just for me. The little leather tag has all 3 of my sweet girls name's stamped into it. I've worn it almost everyday. It's a very special piece of jewelry that will bring a smile to my face every time I put it on.

Here is a little bit about Kith and Kin Marketplace
Kith & Kin Marketplace
 KITH&KIN Marketplace was born in the Summer of 2016 from the overly active imaginations of two close friends who just happen to be related. Those two crazy kids (got old and) eventually had little kids of their own and were always striving to uncover unique, clever, and always fashionable pieces for their littles. When they couldn't find EXACTLY what they were looking for they decided to find people who could help them create those pieces themselves.
Located in a small town in Upstate New York, each and every item in the K&K Marketplace has been handmade, hand-selected, and/or locally sourced by fellow small businesses. We put love and creativity into everything you'll find here (and sometimes, even a little sass). 
Thanks to a super supportive following on Instagram (@kithkinmarketplace), we finally decided to make it official -- KITH&KIN is starting small; with just a few limited but amazing items to get the ball rolling. From here, the sky is the limit!
For questions or for more information about becoming a Brand Rep for KITH&KIN, please fill out the form below to contact us.
We hope you find something absolutely perfect. Thanks for stopping by!
Owners, KITH&KIN Marketplace

This tee is so great! It reads, "Mason Dash... Call me!" LOL I love it. Too cute!

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