Little Mass

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Little Mass
We are a High End children’s Fashionable clothing line
-Tina Chang
In 1985, an innovative line of ladies clothing was born known as “Mass Creation, Inc.” The company’s first 16 years were dedicated to creating sophisticated quality women’s apparel that catered to both major department and specialty stores. Tina Chang, now head designer and owner studied at Otis Parsons in Paris and Los Angeles for fashion design later joined the family-owned business. In 1997 starting with Little Mass Tina and her sister Hannah Yoo, launched the children’s division-taking their success to new heights. Their vision for Little Mass was to combine pizzazz, value and pure style to give a fresh and different perspective on children’s clothing.

We are seriously loving this line. So many fun little outfits. Willow is wearing a look from the Little Mass collection. Each item is very well make and the fit couldn't be any better. What a perfect little Summer outfit. Check out their site and browse all of their wonderful outfits. 

 Why does Summer always seem to go by so quickly? We have been having such a nice Summer. I never want it to end. The girls start their camps this week and I am not looking forward to that early wake up call again. I am however excited for them to enjoy themselves at their little day camps that they love so much. I am going to feel so lonely. Whatever shall I do with my couple of hours of spare time? Nest I suppose. The nesting bug is beginning to kick in hard core lately so I am sure I will find some sort of section in my house that needs cleaning or organizing. LOL 

4 more weeks to go until baby G #3 makes her arrival. We are getting very excited to meet her! 

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