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8:42 PM

We are total fan girls for Lacey Lane. I have been following them forever. I literally screamed when we got the opportunity to work with this incredible line. These outfits are so perfectly eclectic and whimsical. I just can't get enough.

 Lacey Lane

Take a stroll down Lacey Lane...
From humble beginnings in 2010, sister-duo Nikki and Bec have built the only Australian fashion house of its kind; a fashion house built for young girls. Having 4 daughters between them, the duo started designing and sewing original pieces that reflected their quirky personalities. Quickly realising the gap in the market, they launched Lacey Lane and hit the local craft market circuit in Brisbane. Combining their strong sense of style with savvy business sense, Nikki and Bec quickly evolved their budding market stall into the successful fashion powerhouse it is today.
Now stocking size 1 to 8, the collections have all the essentials to assist and inspire the younger female generation to have the confidence to wear their individuality on the outside. 
Lacey Lane doesn’t just sell trends. They set them!

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  1. Great post and video

    Love Vikee


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