Sunny with a chance of TURQUOISE!

6:57 PM

I love this look so much. Liv looks so great in pastels. Heck, she looks great in everything. We have been enjoying every bit of Summer, if only the weather would get the memo. This wind is killing me. It's been going strong since April. We are over it and I am especially over it ruining countless pix by blowing the girls hair in their faces. Its driving all of us CRAZY! Hopefully July will bring warmer days. Baby sister's nursery is almost complete. It's still so bizarre to me, having all this baby stuff around the house again. I can't believe there is going to be another sweet little girl to love on in the next 5 weeks. INSANE!

Jewelry: Child of Wild 
Sandals: Zara Kids

 How cute is this blanket?! It can totally second as a towel as well. We are loving how light weight and soft it is. Liv has claimed it as hers. :D

 Blanket and beanie are by Noxx

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