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We have a beautiful dress line to share with you today. These dresses are all US made and so, so beautiful. Liv looked like an absolute angel in this dress. We can't wait to share photos of the others over this next week. You will just fall in love with the whimsical details of each dress. 

About Petite Adele

I started this company in memory of my mother, Hye Sook Lee.  She was not just my mentor; she was my inspiration.  She molded me into the woman I am today and taught me how to do what I love – fashion design.  See, when I was a little girl in Korea, my mother owned a dress shop where she sold made-to-order clothes.  She designed, she chose the fabrics, she sewed, and she tailored.  She was the very definition of a “one stop shop.”  I spent most of my free time in her store, fascinated by her sewing machine, beautiful fabrics, fancy beads, pattern papers, mannequins, and fashion magazines.  Needless to say, it was a little girl’s paradise!
In fact, my mother designed and made most of my clothes.  To this day, I remember how she used to wake me up in the middle of the night and have me try on new clothes that she was making for me.  Then, when I awoke the next morning, I was always excited to find the wonderful new clothes that awaited me.  Beautiful dresses!  Blouses!  Jackets!  Pants!  Swimwear!  Even my preschool uniform was homemade!  My clothes helped make me stand out from the crowd and, even at that young age, I liked being different.  Sometimes, my mom even made matching dresses for us – same fabric, but different designs.  We were the coolest mother and daughter on the block!  My passion for fashion design was born.
Thirty years later, my mother is in heaven, but I am following in her footsteps by designing clothes for young girls, in the hope that they will be as excited to wear my designs as I was when I wore my mother’s.
My company, Petite Adele, is a new designer brand, providing classic yet stylish dresses for both everyday wear and special occasions (e.g. school events, weddings, communions, etc.).  I want my customers’ daughters to be filled with the same sense of wonder I had.  So, take a look at our inventory and find something for your everyday princess today. 
 Sam H. Na
Owner, Petite Adele
P.S. If you have a favorite “mother/daughter” story you would like to share with our shoppers, please send it to  If your story is selected, we will send you a free dress of your choice.

 Liv is wearing earrings by Stella and Dot
Sandals by Joyfolie 

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  1. Beautiful

    Love Vikee

  2. Beautiful

    Love Vikee


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