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We are HUGE fans of LuLaRoe as I am sure most of you are as well. With their fun bold prints and easy to wear fabrics there is no wonder why this company is exploding. I was so excited when we recieved these dresses for the girls. I instantly fell in love with the unique prints and the girls of course loved how light and comfy their dresses are. Liv actually wore her's to school today. Our collab clothing stays hung up safe and sound on a clothing rack until we get photos and then they become part of the girls closet. Liv was so excited to wear her dress to school that she actually had it on before I even woke up. She was sitting pretty in her little dress so proud. It was quite adorable. That is saying a lot becuase this girl is all about comfortable clothes. Jeans are a HUGE struggle with her and anything rough is a no go. These flowy little dresses are just perfect for those little girls that love to play hard and run free.

 All she wanted to do was twirl!!

 Here is a little bit more about the company:

I believe in you… There are perhaps no more empowering words in the English language, yet how often do we hear those words? DeAnne Stidham heard them, and at a crucial time in her life. She was a single mother raising seven children and trying to balance time at work and at home. She was desperate to find a way to be at home, be a mom and provide for her family.
DeAnne met a pair of dress wholesalers and was inspired to start liquidating end of season dresses to friends and family. The wholesalers heard her pitch and saw in DeAnne the talent and drive to make her dreams a reality. They believed in her. This was born out of DeAnne’s desire to be at home with her children and the faith that others showed in her.
You can do it… Prior to LuLaRoe DeAnne had found success in network-based marketing. It was during this time that she learned an important lesson; if you want to be someone who gets things done, actlike you already are. This self-empowering idea crystallized in her mind and directly led to her success with LuLaRoe.
DeAnne had long dreamed of one day creating her own clothing line. With the help of her husband Mark, LuLaRoe was launched. As LuLaRoe grew DeAnne knew she could not do this alone, so she turned to her family to find those talented individuals that could help the company grow.
She came to believe that if you want someone else to be successful, treat them as if they are, and they will become that person. This idea, known as the Pygmalion Effect which was dramatized in the movieMy Fair Lady, helped lead to the creation of LuLaRoe.
I believe in you and you can do it are the basic principles guiding LuLaRoe today. The ethos of the company was borne out of DeAnne’s desire to share her experiences and to provide her family and others a foundation for personal success.
LuLaRoe exists to provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing, and offering its consultants the independence to set their own pace and schedule. This creates the time to spend with those closest to them, the very thing DeAnne had once desired for herself!


Jessica is a fashion consultant for LuLaRoe. She hosts pop up shops as well as sells on her facebook shopping group. These looks are so reasonably priced and shipping is just $3. If you are looking to purchase something for yourself or your little lady, please stop by her page and see what she has available for you. If you are interested in becoming part of the LuLaRoe family be sure to ask her about it. She can fill you in on all of the amazing opportunities this company has to offer! 

Additional outfit details:

Turban: BluTaylor
Shoes: Foxpaws

Sandals: Foxpaws

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    Love Vikee

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