Oh My Sweetness

3:13 PM

 I have to share the sweetest thing. I had the most precious moment with my Livy girl last night...or evening I should say. I have been so tired lately. I feel like I am back in my 1st tri and can barely make it past noon before needing a nap. I had thrown in the towel and climbed in bed around 6:30 last night. Liv is always so concerned with me so in she comes to see what she can do. She starts rubbing my arms to help me relax and I start to fall asleep. I wake up a good 20 minutes later and there she is still rubbing my arms. I had told her I was perfectly relaxed and if there was something else she would rather do she was more than welcome and she says, "Mama, there is nothing I would rather be doing." I about cried. What a sweet, precious little person. I wake up a second time as it's getting dark and she's curled up asleep next to me. What a blessed Mother I am. 

This fabulous skirt Liv has on is from our friends over at Moderne Child. Liv was totally smitten with it. She was having a blast twirling and letting the wind blow her all about. I tried to capture some of those candid's. Those are always the best shots ❤

 Full Outfit Details
Top: Zara Kids
Jewelry: A Lil Bit Fancy
Sandals: Joyfolie 

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