My Little Dreamer

12:43 PM

 Just absolutely gushing over my baby in this entire outfit by Joyfolie. She is styled to perfection from head to toe. Joyfolie never disappoints. Their quality and design are impeccable. As you can tell, we are MAJOR fans of theirs.


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This girl is always in pursuit of something. She has plans from the morning she wakes up. One thing I love about her personality is that she is determined. I can look at her and know nothing is going to stop her on her journey. Whatever she may choose to be when she grows up, I am certain she will succeed. At the moment she really wants to be Darth Vader. I would never tell her that's impossible. I fully support her and her quest to the "Dark Side."  She practices her light-saber skills every day while parading around in her DV mask. She is fully committed. I know one day that dream will change into something more realistic but one thing that wont change is my constant support for my babies and their hopes and dreams. Even if they are impossible, as their Mama I will show them nothing but everlasting encouragement because my hopes and dreams are for them to never cut themselves short or give up on a dream because they think they can't succeed...

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