Bumpdate and a Brand Named Fillyboo

7:31 PM

Life around here lately has been pretty busy! After working very long days styling bridal parties on the weekends we decided to tackle the garage. The babies room has been serving as Tim and I's "Hobby" room. It's filled with guitars, drums, keyboard and amps and my A Lil Bit Fancy stuff. We obviously needed to clear a lot out to make room for her so the garage is now Tim's man cave. It was a BIG job getting that garage organized and I still feel like we are recovering from it. Happy it's all said and done now and we can move forward on to the baby's room. I am having such a hard time settling on a theme for her. I definitely want it to be pastel tones and very sweet but I also like the idea of adding a pop of color in, weather it be with the crib or dresser. Either way I need to decide soon because I have to order them so everything is done by my "Sprinkle" shower in June. 

As you can see in our photo's the weather has been pretty crummy. We've gotten way behind on our posts because of it. We take most of our photo's outside and the wind has been terrible. I wont even waste my time if we can't make it out to take photo's before noon because that wind picks up and is just awful! We are beyond ready for some Summer weather!! Come on Sun!! Where are you?!!

I am wearing a beautiful dress by the line Fillyboo. I have a post coming up entirely about their brand but I am saving it for Mother's Day. This line is completely dedicated to pregnant and post pregnant Mama's. Most of their designs have secret snaps or pockets for easy nursing once the baby arrives. I am really looking forward to lounging in this dress as I continue to grow. Its so soft and comfy and I feel good in it. I actually feel pretty cute wearing it instead of just LARGE! LOL 

 Willow and I's adorable matching fringe jackets are from Joyfolie

I guess it's time for a little Bumbpdate

Weeks: 25 Weeks

Size of Baby: I actually think she is approaching 2 lbs. ALREADY!!! She takes up a lot of space in my belly already.

Weight Gain: It's been VERY steady :/ But slowing, thank goodness.

Movement: She is all over the place now. She is more active in the evening and at bedtime. Everyone but Willow has been able to feel her move. Willow is a little weirded out by it. She doesn't like to see my bare belly at all. She thinks it's gross. Her words...not mine. :D LOL

Sleep: Sleep is getting harder and harder by the day. My sciatica is almost constant now. Some noghts I feel like I am having to re-position every 20 minutes when trying to sleep. I so wish I could sleep on my back. I'll end up there even though I wasn't intending to and Tim has been great at rolling me over in the middle of the night. He's the back sleep police and is always on it, which is so funny because I will be half asleep and not even realize it and when I do he's already re-positioning me. I am also up at least twice a night to use the restroom. That makes it very hard to fall back to sleep.

Missing anything: I am really starting to miss my mobility. The littlest tasks such as putting on shoes or picking things up are becoming a real struggle. I also hate not being able to lift things. I am a total do it yourself-er and hate having to get help to my car after hitting Costco.

Cravings: My appetite has gone down a lot. I am all about smaller meals lately. I've been really into cheese, crackers and grapes. I'm pretty sure I have had that for lunch the last 2 weeks.

Daddy: I have to add this back in because Tim has been so funny. He has been having all of the same symptoms as me. Every day he complains about his weight gain, food cravings and hip and back pain. He has been telling me how bizarre it is for him. He truly believes he is experiencing a "Sympathy Pregnancy." It's kind of hilarious. He's hoping it goes away before labor... I on the other hand find it rather entertaining!!

Next week I have my glucose test. I still can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going. I'm finally at the fun stage where you can watch your belly move and feel those cute little hiccups. Going to try and soak up these last couple of months as a family of 4 as best I can. Life is sure to change real soon!

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