Wear and a Little Bumpdate

4:17 PM

I have been going absolutely out of my mind this past week. I have a serious case of pregnancy brain. I've have lost countless important items that I still cannot locate, flubbed appointments or just plain forgot things. I'm so frustrated by this I could cry. I have so many things I am juggling at one time. If I drop the ball once they all come tumbling down. Hopefully its just some sort of surging hormone that I will quickly adjust to and not some new issue I have to live with for the next 4 months. Other than that things are great. I am feeling pretty good just large. Our Ultrasound went very well. Baby is perfect but unfortunately already measuring on the bigger size.  Tim was with me at this appointment so she used the opportunity to strongly recommend a C-Section. Both girl's we're over 8lbs and Liv almost didn't make it. I knew that I had to have a zero medicated birth with Willow so that I could have total control but she also still got stuck. Fortunately the damage was mild being that she "Only" dislocated her clavicle and had temporary nerve damage in her left arm. Trust me...Compared to Liv's birth we all breathed a sigh of relief. My anxiety is mounting as I get closer to delivery every day. We are going to try the natural rout and I will be induced at 38 weeks. Same as I was with Willow and my labor will be labeled high risk basically. I wont be having any drugs because with the loss of feeling I also lose my ability to push effectively. Fully remembering the pain of my last birth...I feel pretty scared but hoping I will push all of that aside and be that tough B%#&* I was before. If there is any sign of fetal distress I will most likely be taken for an emergency C-section. So I have all of that to think and pray about over the next few months. No wonder my brain has just shut off. I really hope I am making the right decision by not doing an elective C-section. The process terrifies me to death and I have 2 older children that need me to be capable of doing things. So in the meantime I will give it to God and try not to worry. 

 The bump has definitely made itself known!! Had to pick up some new maternity pants the other day. Hope they are the last pair I have to buy! 
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  1. You look gorgeous! Love the dress!

    x Karen


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