Spring Shoe Trends with Liv Featuring Foxpaws

5:43 PM

We are so excited to share this shoe line with you all. Foxpaws is such an incredibly well made and adorable line with such great prices. I was completely blown away when I pulled each shoe out of their box. They are all so well made and sturdy. Each shoe is either made of high quality leather or hides. I know my girls will be getting great use out of their Foxpaws over the Summer! Liv already has plans to wear hers on the 4th of July!

Foxpaws Shoes


Unique and fashionable bite-sized shoes for the little ones in your life... Designed with the highest quality materials, each shoe takes on the style and fashion of today with the necessary comfort and ease for your little ones. Foxpaws adds that special touch to any outfit, bringing a splash of originality to any look or style be it classical or modern. With this in mind, Foxpaws strives to have a keen sense of innovation and imagination.

Due to the authenticity and uniqueness of our real leather hides, no pair of shoes is exactly the same, making each pair you buy unique and distinctive with its handcrafted characteristics. We believe this is part of what makes Foxpaws so special!

 We love Foxpaws thiiiiiiiis MUCH! 

 Willow's outfit is from Zara Kids

Foxpaws Shoes

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