BluTaylor x The Original BabyTurban

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Hey there, I'm Katie!  That lady right there is me, without my "mom knot" and cup of coffee! (It's cropped so you can't see the beauty of little 4 kiddos attached to my legs!)
I'm the Owner/Designer at BluTaylor™ Brand (formerly BabyTurban™) and I can't wait to share about my brand and team!
BluTaylor™ Brand hats are a trendy and innovative new style of infant hat.  Our unique design allows the hat to stay up and out of the eyes.  Unlike any turban on the market, we provide the look of a wrap with the ease of a hat!
BluTaylor™ Brand hats are Patent Pending.
Every hat is handmade (aka Hand-Sewn, Not machine-sewn) with care to detail and every detail has a purpose.
We also have our Preemie Program, which allows Moms to receive a FREE mini-version of our hats for their current NICU miracle.
While it started out as just me, Katie, I have had the absolute with partnering with other dear moms that have been a blessing to my family and have been essential to the business. This is why I use "we", because there's no way it would work with just me.
Ultimately, our heart is HOPE. HOPE for the NICU mom that just needs a piece of normalcy in midst of her daily emotional trauma.  HOPE for Moms that work with us, using their God-given skills so they can provide better for their families.
Wherever you are Mom, we are FOR you!
Owner/Designer for BluTaylor™ Brand

We love all of the adorable turbans BluTaylor sent the girls. (Can't wait to share more pix!) They fit so nicely and don't slip or bother the girls. They are made so well and with such love. And we think their Preemie Program is just about the sweetest thing ever. We love working with them and encourage you to check out all of their designs. They are the CUTEST! 


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