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We're back at it, after taking some much needed time off. It's very easy to become addicted to social media. Especially when you have a significant following, those comments and likes totally become a thrill and I can admit to easily being swept up in it. As a wife and mother I can definitely say I am good at finding a healthy balance for all of us. I am always aware of when I am putting too much energy into something and will quickly step back and re-prioritize. My husband and daughter's are my absolute world so if I feel they aren't receiving enough of my attention...I'll let a few balls drop that I am juggling and pick them up later...When I am feeling comfortable enough to do so. Our blog is something that is very fun for all of us and I never want it to feel like a burden of stressful deadlines, etc. I could feel that snowballing with how often we we're needing to do photographs and posts just to keep up. And through my time off I realized this is not a business, this is another creative outlet for me...and that posts will go up when I have the time. We are very fortunate to have so many beautiful shops, designers and artists that support us and this blog is a way for us to show case and bring more attention to those small businesses that really deserve to be known and we hope that when you read our posts you will feel the same way.

Any who, with that being said I am so thrilled to tell you all about one of my new favorite clothing lines called Harlow Jade. This line will make you feel nothing but Peace and Love! We have so much more to share from them so stay tuned <3 p="">

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 Willow's sandals are by Foxpaws

No is one word this face does not hear very often...She has her Daddy wrapped tightly around her little finger! 

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