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Hi! I'm Lea. I am a wife, and a mama to two little ones. I am so grateful that you stopped by to check out our little shop. I am the owner + designer here at Thomas + Rose. But, I can't take all the credit. I have A LOT of help from my family and friends. They help me narrow down design ideas, give me inspiration, pose as my models, help me ship and of course, keep me grounded. I would also be lost without my friend, Mia, owner of Emmycube Photography, who has so graciously and kindly helped me with most of the beautiful images you see here on our website, and on our social media pages, too. 
I created this business out of my passion for design and typography. I decided that I wanted to share with you all, a little bit of my sense of humor, my inspirations, my favorite sayings and things I love. I hope that you enjoy our products! Oh, and if you are wondering about the name, Thomas + Rose, it comes from my children's middle names: Charles (Charlie) Thomas and Katherine (Kate) Rose. 
Thank you all for sharing in a piece of my journey!

 I can think of no better symbol of love than that of a child and these 2 are definitely their Mama's heart. We love these sweaters by Thomas and Rose. The girls even put a little extra sisterly love into their photos knowing their sweaters said Mama's Heart. I will definitely be hanging some of these on our walls. 
 Things have been so busy around here lately. Yesterday we were on the set of Good Day and the day after tomorrow we take off on another big job the girls booked. I must say I am having tons of fun playing "Mom-ager." I am often asked how we got started and I wish I had better advice to give but unfortunately I don't. It was never my intention to get the girls into modeling it just happened. We started out taking photos for fun for our blog and one thing lead to another. The best part about me managing them is that I have complete control over their schedules. I almost never take jobs during school hours and never ever send them out for auditions. If someone wants the girls, they hire them. No games, no pointless traveling or wasted time. I really loved that about working with Kardashian Kids. They were so great and easy to work with. They went out if their way to accommodate the girls. They believed in them and hired them on photo's alone. They made the set entirely kid friendly and even had an entertainer there to keep the kids happy and amused. They are loving their experiences and we'll keep it up as long as we are all having fun! 

The girl's have been really into painting nails lately and my favorite brand to use on them is Essie. It goes on smooth, takes one coat and dries quickly. Perfect for a fidgety 3 y/o. The girls are wearing Mint. The first color listed. I have also added a few of our faves for Spring.

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