Spring Break

6:07 PM

The girl's are currently on Spring Break and it feels wonderful. I love having my kids around me.  I am so lonely when they are both gone and often watch the clock until it's time to head out and pick them up. Don't get me wrong, I do love the alone time/ freedom every once in a while but most of the time I would prefer to have my little tribe around me at always.

Growing up my Mama would always take the opportunity of Spring Break and make it a little "Staycation" for us. We'd go to the movies, tide pools, aquarium, pool...Each day was a new adventure. I always try to do the same for the girls. It's a little bit of a struggle this year as I am already feeling very pregnant but I will do my best to keep this week fun and new for the girls. Here is a little bit of what we have been up to so far:

Day 1 of Spring Break On Monday we woke up at 5am and made our way down to LA for a photo shoot with Revolve Clothing Tuesday Morning. I wanted to arrive early Monday so the girls could play and swim while we relaxed by the pool. We had our wonderful baby sitter/ friend with us for help. She is an asset! It was her Birthday so we took her out to dinner and then went to bed early. She couldn't have been with a more boring group of people on her 21st! A pregnant lady and 2 children. LOL! She was so sweet to come with us and plans on celebrating BIG on Friday. We put together a cute beach bag with goodies inside for her to have this weekend.

Day 2 of Spring Break (My Birthday) We woke up bright and early and prepared for our day at the Revolve Studio. Walking in their headquarters was an amazing experience for me as a fashion enthusiast and huge fan of Revolve! As soon as every thing launches we will share more (Lots of photos and video!) on our day spent with them. It was pretty incredible! After we wrapped we headed home and could not wait to see Daddy!

Day 3 of Spring Break was a LAZY one! I had aspirations to take them to the beach but I literally could not function. I read a funny meme today on children taking a subtle mentioning of any sort of plans as a blood oath and that definitely applied. Liv would not let up on me. After a much needed 2 hour nap (for me!) she settled for the park instead. Willow didn't care what we had planned as long as their would be food at some point.She is such a go with the flow girl. Thank God! I don't think I could handle two controlling females under one roof. Make that 3 because I would have to include myself in that group. Ha! I will refrain from letting Liv in on any potential plans for the rest of the week!

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