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Posh Peas Kids

About us

Welcome to Posh Peas Kids!

The Posh Peas Kids clothing collection is a unique line of fun, edgy, and youthful pieces carefully curated by longtime friends and creators, Lisa McCormick and Lori Blair. 
Lisa's and Lori's friendship goes all the way back to high school, when they shared interests in just about everything, including what else but, clothing and fashion! When they started their families, at ironically the same exact time, their interest in fashion remained, but shifted, focusing on their children. The only problem was, they had a hard time accessing the kind of clothing they desired. This is when they began building a clothing collection, naming it after their own PEASPorter, Enzo, Ali, and Stella. :) 
The Posh Pea Kid does not follow the trend; rather they make their own by exuding personality, style, and spunk into their daily wear. Most importantly, they have fun and look good while doing it. We handpick only the best of the best and offer the most stylish looks at affordable prices. 
We are constantly updating our collection with new fabulous and fun pieces. We hope you enjoy it! 

Posh Pea is currently having a site wide 30% OFF sale until Tuesday!!!
(Free gift for every $100 spent.) 

Get ready for a ton of adorable photos of Willow in a blue denim dress! I just could not narrow it down. This dress is so cute and any time she is in blue those eyes of her just POP! I can see Willow wearing it to the beach and pool all Summer long. We're so ready for Summer Vacations! 
 Oh how I love itty bitty baby beach waves! 

 Jewelry from our shop A Lil Bit Fancy

Hope everyone had a great Easter. We enjoyed our family time and making tons of memories. The girls each received baskets full of goodies and of course Littlest Pet Shops. They are obsessed with them. Both found a golden egg with some money in it. Which I am sure will be going towards...You guessed it! More Pet shops! LOL

Willow's Sandal's are from Joyfolie
Other Joyfolie Styles we love!
All currently on SALE!!!
We're gearing up for our back to school schedule of waking up early, driving all over for pick up and drop off, school lunches and homework. Can you tell I am so ready for school to let out?! 

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